Basically everything Lee Pace. And yes, images apart from gifs are photoshop poked by moi.
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Lee Pace in Halt & Catch Fire’s Pilot

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Lee Pace at the 2014 SXSW - “Halt and Catch Fire”

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Teaser trailer for Halt and Catch Fire

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Lee Pace on Ronan the Accuser being a “bad guy” in Guardians of the Galaxy [x]

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Anonymous ASKED:
hello dear, i hope you feel much better soon! wisdom teeth surgery sucks! i know what it feels like :( get well soon!!!!!

Thank you dear anon! I try my best to recover as soon as possible!

Have an amazing day!

vallietumbles ASKED:
Of course sweetie, take time and heal. Dental surgery is so very painful and invasive. You don't have to apologize at all, just sip juice and rest.

Bless your soul! You are too lovely, thank you!

Have a great day!


Sorry I’m a bit scarce these days but I had a wisdom teeth extraction surgery and currently I’m in a lot of pain so I ask for your patience with new content. Thank you!